Is it legal to play the online lottery in India

Is it legal to play the online lottery in India

Even though playing the online lottery in India is considered legal, there are quite a few states that do not encourage the sale of lotteries. However, people could still purchase paper lottery tickets from neighboring states via post and grab the cash prize. To claim the money, they are supposed to submit supporting documents including ID proof and relevant documents.

Online lottery in India has been declared illegal in the majority of the states that support or promote paper lotteries. For instance, Kerala is a state who runs the Kerala State Lottery. But people have access to online lotteries via other popular websites.

There are no pre-defined rules and regulations concerning the Indian online lottery. According to the Public Gambling Act 1867, each state in India is empowered to develop an independent betting as well as gambling laws. Today, most of the online gambling websites are following this rule. In states like Maharashtra and Punjab, online lottery schemes have gained popularity and they are distributed at an attractive rate. On the contrary, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka do not promote online lotteries. 

Those individuals who wish to play online lottery have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, participants have to sign-up at an authentic online lottery site.
  • Then choose the country you are currently residing at. This step is mandatory to access a diverse range of online lotteries.
  • Players are required to select a lottery then intend to play
  • Each individual should consider betting on a lottery via online bookmarker
  • The final process involves reviewing the draw results and claim the cash prize.

The players could avoid spending time waiting at the local outlet to purchase tickets. Instead, they could log in to the official site of an online lottery, pick up a random number and purchase online tickets within a matter of few minutes. Participants must register at websites to access online lottery games and take part in the competition. Once logged in, players have the option to swap numbers. They do have the liberty to play multiple lotteries from their registered account.


Indian online lottery is a reliable game that enhances the odds of winning a cash prize. All you need to do is to sign-up at a website and unlock the features of an online lottery. It has been legalized in most of the states.

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