Is bet365 legal in India?

Bet365 is an online portal that enables gamblers to place their bets in real time. Today, a large group of passionate players bets online via a diverse range of sporting events. Which some hold the opinion that is bet365 legal in India. The fact is that betting is considered illegal in India.

Public Gambling Act of 1867

According to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, operating a public gambling house is prohibited. There are a few states in India that are empowered to create and regulate laws for placing bets online. Maharashtra is one of the states where online betting is blocked as per the Bombay Wager Act.

Online betting in Sikkim

However, Sikkim is excluded from the list of banned states in India. They permit online gambling but restrictions are imposed within the geographical boundaries of the state. However, the state government considered revising the rules by preventing a person from accessing offline and online casinos. So far, the state government has not released notifications to ban residents from placing bets online.

Sikkim Online Gaming (Bet 365)

Interested players who prefer to access online betting games need to pay a one-time application fee. Upon approval, a license is issued to the person that extends for about one year. There is also an option to renew in the following year. A monthly tax of 1% is levied on the players. They need to pay taxes on or before the 15th of each month to avoid penalties. Players are supposed to provide a bank guarantee of 5 crores while playing Bet 365 India.

Bet 365 promotion code

Bet 365 promotion code can be downloaded through IOS, Android, and Windows versions. The users can take advantage of the code via the app and gain instant access to live-streaming services provided by Bet 365 India. There are also options to activate push notifications that keep you updated about various offers and promotions.


Each deposit made into a Bet 365 account is free. Which majority of them are instant wherein the players can place bets straight. Payment methods are through either cheque or bank transfer.